Jiawei (Janna) Lin

My Journey in Robotics

Research Group

Verifiable Robotics Research Group

  • Role: Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Duration: Aug 2023- Present
  • Description:
    • Implement the examples in the project Continuous Execution of High-level Collaborative Tasks for Heterogeneous Robot Teams
    • Investigate and implement the application of Robot Synthesis with Büchi automaton on Hello Robot Stretch RE1 and RE2 robots and Kinova 7DOF Gen3 on Boxer
    • Implement master-slave architecture in multi-robot communication across robots produced by different companies, including Clearpath Boxer with Kinova Gen3 arm and Hello Robot Stretch RE1 and RE2
    • Implement multi-threading properties in multi-tasking of each robot and roslibpy for cross-platform control, and contributed to Hello Robot Stretch open-source code with multi-Stretch set-up
    • Set up the user guide of Clearpath Boxer with Kinova Gen3 Arm for the entire lab, including both hardware guidance and ROS library
    • Train a multi-object detection model and binary-classification model with YOLO5
Research Group


Project Team

Cornell Cup Robotics

  • Role: Minibot | ECE Subteam Member
  • Duration: Aug 2021- May 2022
  • Description:
    • Implement RFID sensor detection and data processing algorithm
    • Integrate sensors on the Minibot, including Ultrasonic sensor, RFID sensor, and LiDAR sensor