Jiawei (Janna) Lin
Robot-assisted Dressing for Closed Geometry Clothing
CS6751: Robot Manipulation Python, ROS, MoveIt, Panda Franka, Computer Vision
  • Developed the first phase of a robot-assisted dressing schemework for closed geometry clothing with shallow grasp, demonstrated with different colors of T-shirt
  • Implement DBSCAN clustering with scores augmentation for bump peak identification algorithm
  • Use MoveIt for Franka arm trajectory planning after obtaining the identified points
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Optical Music Recognition
CS4701: Artificial Intelligence Practicum Python, Deep Learning, Computer Vision
  • Built an Optical Music Recognition pipeline that converts a music score image to machine-readable format MusicXML
  • Implemented Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Support Vector Machine for feature extraction and classification
  • Combined Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network (CRNN) and Connectionist Temporal Classification(CTC) to train the model
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CS3110: Functional Programming OCaml, Formal Methods
  • Implemented a Flat LTL to Buchi Automata converter
  • This converter takes in strictly-formatted human language, parses and synthesizes it into a simplified Linear Temporal Logic expression, and converts it into a reliable Büchi automaton that is visualized and verifiable
  • With the automaton being generated, the user is able to verify if their subsequent tentative actions is executable
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MAE4810: Robot Perception Python
  • Implemented the Cooperative Multi-Robot Observation of Multiple Moving Targets (B-CMOMMT) algorithm, emphasizing its strengths in computational efficiency and coverage optimization for multi-robot surveillance
  • Compare the performance between A-CMOMMT and B-CMOMMT
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CS3420: Embedded System C, Arduino
  • Developed a tideclock system utilizing the FRDM-KL46Z board to send tidal data via UART serial communication
  • Implement Arduino code (Arduino Mega) to receive and process the tide data, controlling an LED strip to visually represent the tide's ebb and flow, demonstrating the concept of tidal energy and promoting awareness of sustainability.
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